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Sometimes i feel that Osho is one of the most intelligent guys ever.

His talks just ooze intelligence; Its not just hard-core problem-solving intelligence that im talkin about. His brain has a pure, clean torque which gives him a tremendous ability to look at this world as whole without getting his thinking warped by the inner, trivial details. Its the difference between the view of a painter and the view of the collector or observer.

The last example may seem a bit vague, a little unfit for the context; But think about it more. What do you feel when you look at a painting.

A painting has two beauties associated with it. Say somebody did a painting of the most beautiful girl on this planet. Say it was beautifully done. You can get thousands to line up in front of the painting, jerking off to hell and back. So what did those guys see in the painting, what is that beauty which they saw. Its that of the subject. Now you bring the worlds best painter and show the painting to him. He can spend an hour and find thousand faults with it. So he saw ugliness where the jerk-masters saw beauty. What was the difference in their views.

Or think about a more practical and clearer example. You are the most ugly-faced ostrich in this whole world. You look real atrocious, say. Now the worlds best painter in the earlier example comes over and paints a picture of you. A masterpiece. Say its his best painting yet, the worlds best painting. Remember that the subject in the painting is the worlds ugliest asshole.

Now you can get hundred girls to line up in front of that pic. Considering your ugliness, the place will be ankle-deep in puke soon. The girls looked at your pic and saw gross ugliness. Yet the painting is one of the most beautiful ones, ever. Line up some talented painters and they will stand there for hours, admiring that work of art and its beauty.

You come and look at that painting. Knowing that its your face, what do you see? Nothin but a terrible sight of a mutilated face. You go and start preparations for suicide.

In other words, A painting can be viewed from two angles - from that of the painter, and from that of the observer, or collector or enjoyer or whatever you may call it.

This is what osho says about life. Life is beautiful; You just need the view of the painter. You are so much worried about yourself, so when you look at life, what you see is YOUR life. Its exactly like you looking at a beautiful picture of your ugly face. You miss the beauty of the painter's work just because the subject is you. You look at your precious life and see misery and discomfort Just because its your life. Your Tunnel vision blocks the whole picture and cuts off the painters view and hides the beauty of the work. Except for rare, involuntary glimpses of that beauty, you stumble on through your tunnel searching for that light which usually is the next freight train coming your way...

Regulary minced up and cut down by freight trains, You move on, each time gathering up what is left of you and continue crawling and creeping through your tunnel, searching for things that match your concepts of beauty and happiness, while the real stuff is out there, outside your tunnel.

People are Jerks; Masters of Tunnel Vision.