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This is a rather crude theory which is basically an attempt to explain a kind of fundamantally stupid behaviour shown by a certian section of the male human species. Titled "Intellectual Gays".

A rather revolting name, i agree.

First a lil bit of help from the theory of human evolution. once upon a time humans used to hunt. males had to go out and down some animals and bring them home. females stayed at home, had the full charge of the house, and did all the associated work. in a sense they were the project managers maybe, whatever. the point coming out is, the male species soon developed an instinct to co-operate with each other. it was necessary and it was a logical evolution, since bringing down big beasts needed planning, teamwork, and proper execution in good synch. while the females never needed to cooperate with each other beyond a point. at least they never developed such a strong instinct.

In short, humans used to hunt once, and males used to do it, and this resulted in males developing a strong instinct for teamwork, to cooperate, to bond with each other etc. in other words, the rather crude assumption here is that, an average male is suited better to spend time with another male, than a female with another female. this phenomenon resulted in the origin of a third class of human males.

And of course the other two classes are simple - Gays, and then the normal guys.

So in effect, now males can be divided into three classes :

(1) Normal guys. say NG.
(2) Gays. yuck, GG.
(3) Here comes the deviant lot, the Intellectual gays, or IG.

Now what is the difference between NG and GG?

Obviously NG, the normal guys, they prefer sex with females. and normally they prefer female company over male company, say when it comes to a walk in the park or a dinner. this is an "averaged-out" assumption over the whole set of normal guys, and over their normal days. which means that a NG guy can feel going out with his mates for a booze and brawl session, say once a week. but on the whole he prefers females for both company and sex. One common attribute of NG gang is their capacity for colourful imagination as far as other human beings are concerned. such people can actually believe that people are truly special, and they are open to the probability that a single person can come into his dreary life and transform it into a colourful carnival. in short, they have this ability to NOT see people for what they ACTUALLY are.

Now GG, the gay kind, is the EXACT opposite. On averaging out, they prefer males for both company and sex. and yes like mentioned above, there is nothing to stop a gay from going out with a girl once in a while, its perfectly natural. but thats not the basic character shown by this class of people.

Then the deviant kind - IG. they have a bit of a problem and whats that. simply put, they prefer males for company and females for sex. which raises a lot of problems.

A fundamental nature of this world and its population, even though we have concepts of one night stands and all that shit and all, the average tendency is that, sex comes AFTER company. and what is company, its nothing but pure human interacton. maybe its a logical evolution of course - nobody wants to end up in bed with a serial killer. a gross example maybe, but the point is, the period of interaction is some sort of basic sanity check.

Now both are basic needs for humans - (a) sex as well as (b) human interaction. and as said above, the normal and common programming of this world is such that, (b) has to come first, and it leads to (a).

Considering the above, the IG group have a big problem. the contradiction they carry around in themselves, it begins to screw their lives once they go past teenage. simply put, they have a need A, and they have a skill B. but need A can be satisfed only if you have skill C, which they dont have, and worse, which they dont want to have.

End effect is that, the average IG individual at say an age of 25, begins to enter a certian stage of frustration. which at first he translates as "ok i need to get a girl, or have more contacts with girls" etc. and he sets off to do exactly that, and goes around or chats around, seeking female company. but - nothing ever works out. and after a stage, after a certian number of failed attempts or relationships, its time for postmortem. now depending upon the results of the postmortem we will have two groups of IG guys - (a) and (b).

(a) Those who arrive at conclusions like, "im not goodlooking enough", "im not tall enough", "im not fair enough" or basically "im not attractive enough to the opposite sex, i have to get better".

(b) Those who realize that the problem is more basic. such people realize that strange quirk of their character, realize what they are, and what they like and dont like.

Here (a) has no options to select - he just needs to go ahead and spend time trying to make himself "more attractive to the opposite sex". and he gets busy with that.

And (b) has two choices. he has understood the problem - that female company is not something that he actually enjoys much, and that, as far as the basic need for human interaction is concerned, he prefers interacting with the male of the species. now he needs to weigh. he can force himself to tolerate a continous presence of a female, and go through that uncomfortable phase long enough, in the process obeying and complying with a lot of meaningless (to him) rituals, formalities, details etc, and finally arrive at a source of satisfying the basic need for sex. or he can do something else - just say "this is the way i am, and this is the way i will be". so from here onwards (b) branches to two further groups, say (d) and (e).

The (d) guy goes the first way; he tries to go beyond his basic nature, and tries something which he instinctively considers uncomfortable, hoping that it would satisfy another basic need, and in the process go through an experience which, on balance, is hopefully pleasurable. whether he succeeds or not is another matter, an unknown in this scope.

And (e), this class just weighs it up, and arrives at the conclusion that its not worth the effort. in other words, they decide that going against ones fundamental nature in order to satisfy some basic need, which in itself is not so basic because a lack of it cannot kill, is just not worth it. of course, to arrive at such a logic, the (e) gang is normally armed with the assumption that people are inherently heavily imperfect. quite contrasting compared to the NG population's colourful concepts. another point is - such a theory need not originate from pure hard logic or an extraordinary ability to see people for what they actually are; for example, a past affair in ones life that had every element of tragedy and failure, might motivate such a person to easily jump into such an "unkind" opinion about people in general.

Evolution wise, (e) are losers, and they get weeded out. logically speaking they might have made a careful and meticulous decision, balancing various factors, and arriving at a way of life that wastes least energy. but they get thrown out, in a way. or if the possibility was the other one, that is, the person being influenced into a lifetime of shyness by a past failure, then its more fitting - a person not mentally strong enough will anyway have lesser chances of survival.

Another way of looking at the IG group is to divide human requirements into two groups - basic, and pseudo basic. basic are food air water etc, which can kill if lacking. pseudo basic are those which dont kill if lacking, but make life very irritating/miserable/uncomfortable etc.

Now the pseudo basic requirements can be classified into two - emotional requirements, and intellectual requirements.

Two acts that satisfy emotional requirements are (1) sex and (2) female interaction. while (1) is fairly obvious, (2) tends to be similarly obvious when we notice that from a male point of view, interaction with a female has more of an emotional wavelength, as compared to intellectual. And of course this makes sense - If the "programming" was such that males and females, when together, always preferred to spend time in logical discussions and general intellectual exercises, the survival chances of the human species as a whole would suffer certian setbacks.

As far as the need for intellectual requirements are concerned, even an NG prefers male interaction. the assumption here is not that the female intellect is inferior to the male intellect; its more like, the nature of the male and female intellects are fundamentally different.

So what is the fine line that divides NGs from IGs?

To put briefly:

An NG is a normal guy whose emotional requirements are greater than his intellectual requirements. such a person can easily enjoy, in fact is forced to seek, female company.

An IG is also a, well almost, normal guy whose intellectual requirements are greater than his emotional requirements. he regularly chooses to go for male company. and over time, such an individual develops a capacity to supress his internal emotional disturbances, or learns to sort them out without "external" help. whether he succeeds entirely at this or not is another unknown at this scope.

And of course, a gay is an unfortunate soul with a severe hormone problem.