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The more i think, the more i see a similarity between God and Lotteries.

There is a point about probability; In many cases, its not the probability as such that influences a decision - But the weightage of that probability.

For example, there is this bridage tied across say molten lava. And there is a probability of say one in a thousand that it will break. Would anyone take the risk. Technically the probability amounts to nothing - 0.001. But the weightage attaches itself to the probability values and gives it an immense boost.

People dont throw away 10 or 20 rupees for nothing. Yet they buy lotteries for that amount. Here its the weightage of the probability - the probability that they may strike it rich. Each and every person is aware that the chances are very very less - say one in 1000000. Still the weightage of that chance is immense; That of the person turning into a multimillionaire overnight. This weightage magnifies the probability over and over, enough for a person to spend 10 or 20 rupees on something inspite of knowing that he would have to repeat that act at least 1000000 times to have a scientific surety of getting something.

A belief in God or a prayer to god seems to reflect those same lines. Nobody in this world has yet proved that God exists. Argue to someone that God doesnt exist and he will point out to you multiple miracles in his or his neighbours lives. Argue to someone else that there is a God and he may remind you of the millions who rotted to death in Hitlers camps and ask you where their God was. So nobody has won as far as the argument goes - in short there is no proof for the existence of God.

Yet people pray to God. I just cant help wondering whether this isnt like buying a lottery ticket. As far as the person is concerned, neutrally god may or may not exist; Which means there is a probability that God exists, however small or large it maybe. Now if God exists and listens to his prayers, he is saved - This is the weightage of the probability. And considering the 10 or 20 rs a lottery buyer spends, a believer has to spend practically nothin. From his unconsious point of view his effort - in the form of prayers - is totally justified; Because who knows God just may exist and might be listening to his prayers. And even if the probability of this happening is extremely low, it doesnt matter - cos think abt the weightage - His prayers would be answered and his problem would be solved. All at the cost of some energy in the form of a prayer. Which in fact even helps him relax.

So really cant help thinking of each human prayer as a lottery ticket bought at a real low cost. If you hit it through - great, well and good. If you dont, well you didnt spend much anyway. And you may be luckier in the future.

Im not saying these are the consious thoughts of a believer, no. Just cant help seeing a similarity.