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OK talking about crushed egos, check out this update that appeared in the rddreams bullet forum. Posted by daman sidhu.

Posted: Mar. 17 2003,09:15
Here are Results from a Race we had this weekend between bullets and a Pulsar 180-the so called fastest bike of India(in production)

We raced 2 times both the times with same results
The following bikes took part

Bullet 500(ridden by me)
Bullet AVL(Ridden by Anthony)
Pulsar 180(Ridden by Vistasp)

These results are same for both Quarter Mile and 1km race.

1rst- Bullet 500 by a huge margain
2nd -AVL 350
3rd -Pulsar 180

Both the times the race produced the same results.First time Pulsar didnot get a start as it wheelied a little.So we raced again second time- this time the AVL guy did not get the timing right to start ie. both the 500 and Pulsar left from start off while the AVL was still standing- INSPITE of this the AVL came from behind and overtook the pulsar and won.

Daman Sidhu

PS:No comments from RD prospective plz..this race was between bulls and pulsars.Rd's would of course have won against any indian bike no denying that.

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