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Well welcome to A certian Theory; Even though its been quite some time since i came up this one, i still dont know what to call it; Maybe it should be 'The Theory Of Hate' or something like that.

But thats not quite appropriate since this theory does not favour hate or attempt to spread it or glorify it; But this theory just attempts to notice a certian fact that is absolutely ignored by human beings despite repeated and endless clues all throughout their lives.

Maybe i should call it simply "The Theory Of Loneliness".

Anyway now down to the theory. There are two clauses.

* People are jerks.
* If you like someone it just goes to show that you dont know him/her enough.

To cut it short a Human is ultimately a totally un-likeable entity, from another humans point of view. Its just that a certian time is needed before realizing the fact. For some Humans this time is very small - You begin to dislike a person the moment he/she opens his/her mouth. With others, it may be long, very long - You marry the most special person out there and 10 years into the marriage, you realize the folly.

Well now the point is you might ask: Ok i know this guy, or i know that couple who is out there enjoying life. Yeah fine of course i have to admit that there are exceptions. If human psychology was so simple that a goon like me could come up with some theory that is applicable to 100% population, well thats far off. Thing is, this is applicable in a generic sense to humans as a species and there might be exceptions.

But before you point out to me countless number of steady families, just look into what happens in their lives; Yeah might be a steady family, no fights, cool family atmosphere, yes - but look inside and you see lots of compartments. The husband in one, the wife in another and the kids in their own. The hubby communicates with the wife only when there is a dire need to; They automatically have reached a state where they ensure that they dont come into contact with each other any more than is necessary so that the sickness factor doesnt get much worse and stays constant. They have automatically realized that the other person is a jerk and done want to see any more of him/her than necessary so that things done get any worse than this.

For more regular, practical examples look around you. Look at people forming unions, parties etc. Then they split into two. Those two split again. Its a never ending process. Just apply this theory out there. Suppose 100 join together for something. anything. Within one month 50 would have started hating the other 50. Now we have 2 groups of 50 each. Take one of them. Now they have known each other for one month. Add in another month. At the end of 2 months, 25 of them would have started disliking the other 25. Now they become two groups of 25 each. Now take one of them and wait for some more time, say another month - and the same thing happens and this keeps on repeating.

One point in life is that people tend to ignore phenomenons that spawn large amounts of time. Because, one needs to be rather observant. And people are busy with better things. It takes jobless good-for-nothings to observe stuff that happens around them. How else can a human concentrate so hard on his trivial worthless life while one look into the past shows him millions and millions of years stuffed with the lives and deaths of trillions and trillions of people and the beautiful truth that his life is just another unimportant piece of shit in that huge dirtroad of time.

And let me repeat that this is totally an anti-personal theory; Its something that is applicable to humans as a species. Maybe we should put this in a more 'scientific' manner, a more credible manner :

A Human is totally incapable of :

* Liking another human over a given period of time
* Making another human like him/her over a given period of time
* If any particular human being begins to come close to proving this theory wrong, Just increase the given time period.

We can rationalize this stuff further by using a bit of evolution; After all evolution does not requre a human to like another human too much; The only demand is that they should get along together for a certian period of time, for co-operation and mutual benefits or maybe till their offspring grows up.

So next time a person looks likeable or wonderful or charming to you - Just tap yourself on the head and realize the simple fact - you dont know that person enough.